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Barracuda Swimming  Club

For people with disabilities






We have all missed being able to get into the swimming pool and we are pleased to announce that Barracudas will re-open on Sunday 9th August 2020.   In order to safely start swimming again the club will have to run a bit differently to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


There will be measures that will be put in place by Furzefield that apply to all users in particular in relation to


1Entering and exiting  Furzefield, including the use of car parks

2Movement around Furzefield, please ensure you follow the one way system and read

the notices regarding swimming on the way in.

3The use of changing rooms, lockers, cubicles and showers, everyone needs to remove footwear before entering the changing rooms, there are no longer any overshoes.

4The use of the pool itself including poolside and the gallery


It is important all club members understand and follow any measures given by Furzefield.


Our  Club


Each disabled child in the pool should be accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer.  Additional children of the same family, who are independent swimmers, may also attend, providing those chidden are independently able to observe the distancing rules between different families.


Please arrive no earlier than 11.15am as there will be no where to wait once changed.

Swimmers should come to the pool ‘beach ready’ with swim wear worn under clothing, although there are facilities to change if necessary.  Don’t forget your underwear to put on after your swim.


Helpers/instructors will be able to give advice and guidance from the poolside but they will not be able to physically help swimmers in the water.  Swimmers that usually have a helper/instructor in the water with them will need to have a parent/guardian/carer to be the helper in the water.


If a swimmer requires any swimming equipment, e.g. floats, they will need to bring their own making sure it is named.


For swimmers who find it difficult to understand/remember social distancing measures, the parent/guardian/carer will have to ensure the swimmer keeps social distancing, in the water, changing rooms and moving around Furzefield.


Parents/guardians/carers accompanying independent swimmers will need to go to the gallery whilst swimmer in the pool, remembering to social distance.


The number of swimmers in the pool will be limited to thirty main pool (ten in lane and twenty in main part) and ten in boom pool, swimmers will not be allowed to move from one area to another e.g. main pool and boom pool.


Everyone will be required to book each Sunday by texting or ringing Sylvia on 07985071344 during the preceding week to ensure we do not exceed our bather numbers.


Please remember to register with us as you come into Furzefield the someone will be in the foyer, rather than on poolside.


Club members who have been categorised as high risk should not return to Barracuda Swimming Club.


If you are feeing at all unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not come to the pool

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